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If you’ve ever been to Cuba and danced with Cubans, you may have experienced the dismay of feeling like a marionette doll jiggling about, completely graceless compared to the lithe bodies gliding about you – and that is just in any old salsa bar.

Now imagine what a ballet company from a country of dancers would look like. Mark Brady, producer of Ballet Revolución describes how his troupe move, “Watching them dance is like watching liquid. They’re very fluid on stage, Cuban ballet is definitely a more open, freer style.”

As the name suggests, Ballet Revolución aims to shake up the world of traditional ballet, combining classical and contemporary dance moves to a score of brassy Latin pop. Ballet Revolución returns to Sydney after sold out European shows.

“It’s definitely not a straight classical ballet– it’s two hours of wall-to-wall music and dance, a powerful show,” says Brady. (HC)

Jun 25-29, State Theatre, 45 Market St, Sydney, $69-99, 136 100,

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