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The 2013 Spanish Film Festival opens with a gentle comedy, deceptively titled A Gun in Each Hand directed by Cesc Gay, which brings together an ensemble cast of Spain’s best and beautiful – including the agreeable Argentinian actor Ricardo Darín. The film is divided into six unique chapters, which are entwined in the finale.

In each scene, a chance meeting between ex-lovers, old friends, or distant acquaintances leads to a philosophical exchange on matters of the heart. The male characters are at the cusp of a mid life crisis, and each finds themselves literally – and emotionally – marooned in elevators, on street corners or park benches, contemplating how they made their wrong turn.

The cast are all charming – and there are some authentic observations and genuine laughs – but in the end the episodes don’t really add up to much and there is no emotional pay off.

This is a light-hearted yarn that gently probes the tensions at the heart of long term relationships and the bumpy road to middle age. (RF)


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