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It’s easy to see why The Rocket collected a slew of awards from prestigious film festivals like Tribeca and Berlin. It’s a warm, heartbreaking, and hilarious debut feature from director Kim Mordaunt.

Set in the ravaged but beautiful landscape of Laos, The Rocket tells the story of a boy named Ahlo, believed to be a bringer of bad luck because he was born a twin. Former street kid Sitthiphon Disamoe gives an incredible performance as Ahlo, who must dodge the blame for everything that goes wrong around him as he and his family are displaced from their village.

Along with his father, his ornery opium-addict grandmother, his orphan friend Kia and her alcoholic uncle (with a penchant for James Brown) Ahlo quests for a new home and tries to prove he isn’t bad luck by entering a dangerous rocket-building competition. (HC)


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