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LAPD 911 Emergency Operator Jordan Turner (Halle Berry) receives a desperate call for help from an abducted girl (Abigail Breslin) who is being transported in the boot of a psychopath’s (Michael Eklund) car. Jordan vows to locate the girl and so transpires a serial killer hunt which will stun and terrify, leaving audiences on the very edge of their seats.

Berry delivers an emotionally charged performance and Eklund creates the most evil and sinister of villains, with his creepy and spine chilling characterisation.

The Call is for the most part, a very suspenseful, horrifying and effective thriller. Only in the last 20 minutes does the story lose momentum, becoming somewhat implausible and silly, where clichés and script deficiencies tarnish what was an original and fast-paced thriller. Not for the squeamish. (MM)



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