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Out-of-the-box is good: Timothy Daly’s bizarre, humorous and innovative take on Shakespeare’s Richard III is a true testament to talent.

Rooting (or almost rooting!) this on Shakespeare’s original tale of deceit, corruption, greed, power, murder and betrayal, Daly and Markus Weber (Director) artistically reinvent the core essence. Daly’s drama toys with the mind, guiding you through an insightful road into the depths of the human psyche.

It is the story of two men – played by Gerry Sont and Lucas Connolly – trying to break free from their torturous and repetitive existence. The manner in which the two individuals are portrayed, is as if they are both reflections of each other, images in their minds, that are masterly enacted to portray the various original characters.

“We are all just prisoners here, of our own device,” a line from The Eagles’ Hotel California, acts as the best analogy to sum up the message.

A clever take on the original, if you have a taste for artistically intelligent theatre, don’t miss it. (JR)

Until Jun 1, King Street Theatre, King St and Bray St, Newtown, $30-38, 0414 313 627,


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