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Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra (JMO) is no ordinary big band and this year is its tenth anniversary. Altogether the orchestra has 17 members including five saxophonists who can play 25 instruments. David Theak is one of the sax players and is also Artistic Director.

Theak says, “We like to think of JMO as a symphony orchestra equivalent to jazz or improvised music. Our music is definitely not your standard Frank Sinatra style, it’s really cutting edge and contemporary.”

“We use the full colours of all the instruments available, there are lots of different colours and sounds we are trying to put together.”

On this tour JMO will be collaborating with Australian pianist Sean Wayland and ‘steam punk’ band leader Darcy James Argue.

So, how do you combine steam punk with jazz? Theak explains, “Darcy imagines that the big band never really died and is still the pop music of today, so he uses modern pop and rock influences when composing. It’s new but using elements of the old.”

It seems that both new and old aficionados of big band music will be delighted by the JMO experience. (LR)

Jun 9, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney, $48, (02) 9250 7111,

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