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In Children of the Revolution, Kathrin Longhurst draws upon her East German childhood to produce paintings which satire Soviet style communism and Western pinup girls.

Rendered in exquisite detail, the images line the walls like living models. The long supple fingers and naked flesh of the women contrast strongly with the hard outer shells of the helmets and visors atop their heads. The latter reflect images of violence, war and longings for escape from the restraint of social constructs of femininity.

The works feature bold colour schemes which are carefully woven into each piece. In some, the red of the model’s fingernails is echoed by the communist star on the headpieces to create tension and unity.

Confronting and thought-provoking these artworks reveal an artist who can transform personal experiences into powerful and universal symbols of beauty and intransigence. (LR)

Until May 17, Art Equity, 66 King St, Sydney, free,

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