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It is widely acknowledged that the rationale for an individual’s love of all things Shakespearean boils down to the poetic word craft and hyperbolic execution.

Co-founder of the Bell Shakespeare Company and director Ira Seidenstein is no different.

“What draws me in with Shakespeare is his use of language as well as his fantastic understanding that life is both comedy and tragedy, “ he explains.
“He really sets it up for the actors to enjoy being onstage, and for the audience to enjoy the actors playing the characters.” 

For his latest role as director, Mr Seidenstein is at the helm of one of The Bard’s most analysed and highly tragic love stories, Antony and Cleopatra.

“The dramatic shifts of this play are very unique, with a lot of humour, beauty and touching moments,” explains Seidenstein, who’s unique method of theatre interpretation, dubbed ‘meta-theatre’, steers this ancient ship.

“I endeavored to focus on things that most overlook, like the interesting minor characters. I have also used the whole text, while most would cut it down, which brings many more aspects to life.” (CD)

Jun 4-15, King Street Theatre, 644 King St, Newtown, $20-30,

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