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There is no doubt that Marlon Wayans is a funny guy who can deliver a funny line with ease. There is also no doubt that spoofs and satires do have an audience who laugh at every immature and obvious joke. A Haunted House, with some hilarious moments, does justice to the spoof genre as an over-the-top take on the ‘found footage’ horror phenomenon like the Paranormal Activity franchise.

The premise is as simple as the jokes: Malcolm (Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) move into a house and get mixed-up in mysterious paranormal behaviour.

Although it comes off as churlish, rude, and monotonous at times, it is nonetheless a slapstick fun ride. If you want to go to a movie which demands no attempts from your brain to exercise itself, go and appreciate Wayans’ brand of humor. (JR)


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