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You Are Here is the latest performance from the award-winning Milk Crate Theatre, who for over a decade have worked with an ensemble of people experiencing homelessness and/or social marginalisation. Exploring the moments in life when people have a choice to take action or remain silent, it offers audiences a genuine window into the lives of the over-looked. “The magic of our work is that the stories come direct from the Milk Crate Theatre Ensemble,” says General Manager Siena Balakrishnan, “they share quite candidly their lived experiences of homelessness, but also stories of courage and hope.”

The performances endeavour to find solutions to social problems through an interactive engagement with audiences, developed out of a style known as ‘forum theatre’. “You never know what the audience will bring to a show, every show is different and every audience contribution brings a new twist to how the show will develop and end,” explains Balakrishnan.

“Our audiences should walk away feeling like they’ve seen, heard and been a part of changing the story of homelessness.”

This is vital theatre. Not to be missed. (AB)

May 7, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre
, 1 Bedford Street,
Newtown, free, (02) 9331 0555,

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