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Mexico Food & Liquor

For years we whined about not having any decent Mexican restaurants in Sydney, and now we’re going to whine about eating too much of it? Not this little black duck! While I have bemoaned the near ubiquitous soft shell taco taking over pubs, I am a real fan of the pliable beauties here. On my first visit Coconut and Ancho Braised Beef Brisket ($6) turned my head, while on my return it was the Smokey Beef Arrachera, Onions, Pork Crackling and Pineapple Mayo ($7), which had my lips smacking. And who drinks wine anyway, when there’s an 80 strong tequila menu? The Mexico City Margarita ($14/glass) lets El Jimador be the hero, even if it does come in a tiny tumbler. I rated it more highly than the Black Plum Margarita ($26/jug) even though I liked the cinnamon rim. Crab, Almond and Green Onion Tostaditas ($8) make for good snacking in the riotous Day of the Dead decked out space. Ceviche – Kingfish with Grapes, Chervil, Lime and Avocado ($16) – scrubbed up well, even if it did lack the promised candied sesame seeds. (I was offered them in a takeout container afterwards.) Yep, fill me up a large, long stemmed margarita glass, and roll ‘em out Warren Turnbull!

Mexico Food & Liquor
17 Randle Street, Surry Hills
Ph: (02) 9211 7798
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