Eat & Drink


Pounding avocados tableside, our Peruvian guacamole girl unleashes a smile so devastating, it’s almost enough to make me love this joint. I’m not alone: it’s jumping, and nearly every table avails themselves of her signature Market Fresh Guacamole ($9) with plantain chips. As a chilli fanatic, I was smitten with Mexican Chilli Beer ($10) – a great drinking companion to the equally feisty (though definitely messy) Glazed Pork Ribs ($34). Agave-sweetened hunks of grilled cheese – Queso Fresco ($9) – work better to ease the burning sensation than the accompanying polenta. Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviche ($16) presented on house-baked tostadas were a little too delicate for my liking, but I lapped up the Grilled Ocean Trout Soft Tacos ($16) decked out with pickled red cabbage, jalapeno and chipotle mayo. Mexican for me means tequila, so I also delved into Shirin Topaloglu’s excellent tequila cocktails. Try anything from her namesake Sweet Desire ($16) to my fav. – An Easy Read ($17) – an also easy-to-drink blend of Espolon reposado, pineapple and rosemary.  Perhaps the best use of tequila is their Milk Chocolate Shot ($6) that summoned up Florence & The Machine’s hit – A Kiss With A Fist. I’m hoping the runaway success here will be enough to make neighbouring Jamie’s Italian rethink that pesky no booking policy…

105 Pitt Street, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9230 0119
Mexican $$$$