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Bar Fly

Australian Fashion Week: while the hardcore fashionistas trotted along to the exclusive invitation-only Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge last week, the Pelicano pop-up bar in Martin Place was open to the general public. Fresh air, white picket fences, white painted furniture and potted plants in pink cane baskets: that was more the BAR FLY style. By evening each night, it was standing room only. Cocktails were on offer, and (all frocked up for the occasion) we did try one. Then, with winemaker Andrew Duff, we moved on to the Tempus Two Pewter Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2010 as we watched the parades on the big screen. The fashion commentary by said winemaker was entertaining to say the least, and only added to the pleasure of my afternoon. Fashion Week is all over now for another year but the memory can live on in bubbles!

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The invitation for the launch party of Friday night Arkust at The Village was to coincide with the start of Fashion Week. Yes, true enough, beautiful people were prancing and preening and showing off their prosthetics. (“There’s a lot of falsies here,” my friend Tessa said.) That was once we got past the attitude of security. First impressions are important to the BAR FLY. Being welcoming on the door is no less important than the welcome at the actual bar. Upstairs at Arkust that attitude was consistent, with bartenders serving up indifference (including excuses of a first night working in the bar). The house gin and tonics were underwhelming. Leaving an hour and a half later, at least the bouncer said please as he shooed people away to smoke on the other side of the road…