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Thomas Egan has always been a performer, he started tapping 21 years ago at age three and it has all culminated with his latest performance in The Tap Pack. This incredibly entertaining show, created and choreographed by Egan along with friends Jesse Rasmussen and Jordan Pollard, is a high-energy comedy inspired by the famous Rat Pack. The original Pack featured arguably the world’s first misbehaving gang of Hollywood stars, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. “All of us grew up in dance schools listening to their music, those classics are very close to us,” says Egan. “We were all sitting around at the pub and an idea of doing our own work came up, from there the ball kept rolling into a Rat Pack inspired tap show.”

The smooth classics have been given a modern twist in this Riverside Theatre hit, “we all do a lot of hip-hop and newer styles, so we combine them into the choreography,” explains Egan.

The boys have a view of taking this original production international, so audiences better see it while they can. “We see it as a casino show, Vegas would be the ultimate,” says Egan. “In the show it is our top-of-the-mountain.” (LL)

Mar 22 – 23, Riverside Theatre, corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta, $30, 02 8839 3399,