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You Could Do Better, 2012

Inspiration comes in the simplest forms, from the most unlikely places, for artist Nicholas Fintan it is found around his Inner-west Sydney home. Marrickville Paintings, his solo exhibition, showcases a beautiful collection of paintings being shown as part of Sydney Art Month. “It has been a project in the making for the last few years,” Fintan explains. “After I moved to Marrickville.”

The urban landscape and everyday locations, such as Banana Joe’s Carpark, provided stimulation for a theme that developed organically. A contrast to the harsh backgrounds he was used to seeing. “I’d always be walking a lot wherever I lived and that was the visual information I was taking in,” Fintan says. “It was a natural progression.”

This artist likes to let his work do the talking while his focus is on technique. “What I concentrate on when I’m painting is formal problems like how you construct an image,” he explains. “Inevitably your moods and whatever’s on your mind seeps in. I look back at simple things like the colour or application of paint, if it’s haphazard or serene and meticulous.”

Marrickville Paintings is sure to be a fascinating exploration of how different suburban, industrial and organic elements work together to create this world.

Mar 20-31, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street, Camperdown, free,