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When Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy wrote a complaint letter to Epson about the price of their ink, he had no idea it would become the subject of his next show – called Dear Epson which takes aim at everyone from large corporations to former teachers.

“It was quite a long letter, for some reason I decided to read it out on stage. It got a really big response and people said ‘You should carry on doing that, that would be a really funny idea for a show,’” said Bhoy. “It’s an incredibly cathartic and enjoyable experience and above all it has been getting a lot of laughs.”

Bhoy has built up a large Australian fan base, having done several regional tours and released two live DVDs of his shows here.

“I think the sense of humour is quite similar… you walk into a pub in Australia, it’s similar to walking into a pub in Scotland. People are telling each other stories about their day; it’s more of a relaxing, elongated storytelling element to a joke, a patient build-up that usually leads to a bigger payoff. That’s the way I was brought up, with stories, so I kind of think it’s a good fit for here.” (AS)

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