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Australia and sports have gone hand in hand for as long as most of us can remember. For many, sportsmen have been representatives, role models and heroes. And for all the Cathy Freemans and Dawn Frasers of the world, it’s undeniable that our sporting life is – by and large – a bit of a sausage-fest.

Casula Powerhouse’s upcoming two-day forum Women in Sport is about to turn the beefy tables, focusing on the so-called fairer sex’s world of sports. Accompanying the Onside exhibition, which explores gender stereotyping, the sexualisation of women in sport and notions of femininity, Women in Sport presents a program of panels and discussions to complement the issues raised by Onside.

Featuring Elka Whalan, Tracey Holmes, Louise Evans, Prof. Patsy Tremayne and other key sports, media and cultural personalities, the panels will examine women’s agency in the sporting world. The sessions cover topics ranging from social participation in sport to elite athletes, getting down to the nitty-gritty of how and why women participate in sport. Women in Sport is part of the behemoth program that is 2013’s Art Month, which presents a mind-boggling 300 exhibitions and 200 events in over 100 art spaces throughout March.

Until Mar 24, forum Mar 15-16, Casula Powerhouse, 1 Casula Powerhouse Rd, Casula, free, for bookings phone 9824 1121,

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