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Photo by Matthew Venables

Think Christmas, think snowy white pines, prancing deer and a rosy-cheeked man stuffed into a red suit?

Think again.

For Michelle McCosker of 107 Projects it means something very different altogether: “Heat, cicadas chirping, icy things melting, BBQs firing, people sharing a meal or a drink or a pressie … my dad and his beloved record of Australian Christmas carols that he would put on full-belt at 7am on Christmas day with all the doors and windows open.”

A shelf full of sensual associations that have nothing to do with snow.

For the space’s The Christmas Show, McCosker has asked an array of over 30 local artists to ‘reinvent the wreath,’ Aussie style.

“I feel we are at a point now where we can embrace the land upon which we celebrate this tradition and use it as inspiration for our Christmas symbols.”

There will be a, “a forest of Christmas trees… beautifully lit with Christmas lights,” as well as live poetry, choral performances, sound art inspired by the bush, and a well-stocked bar of Christmas (read: alcoholic) spirit for opening night.

Contributing artist Jordan Clarke says she is departing from her usual hand-embroidered work to focus on candle-light. “In a way it also will reflect that blending of winter and summer traditions – a celebration of light whether it be candlelight or sunlight.”

She continues, “I find it a little strange seeing wintry decorations everywhere this time of year since it’s the height of our warm weather!”

For those dreaming of a green and gold Christmas, look no further.

Dec 13-23, opening night 6-9pm, 107 Redfern St, Redfern,