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It has to be said frankly: anyone that uses the words ‘individuality’ and ‘retail’ in the same sentence are more often than not telling you big fat porkies.

But my fellow shoppers, there is hope yet!

Soon Darlinghurst concept gallery He Made She Made will witness the genuine matrimony of those two words when they showcase local artistic thinkers and creators at their Random Xmas Markets. With designers such as QWUX and The Rah Collective, The Fortynine Studio, Marcue, Dear Pluto and many more on board, these markets are perfect for those with a thirst for the alternative.

“We put the call out to see if anyone was interested and the response was pretty random,” explains He Made She Made co-curator Laura Kepreotis.

Expecting interest mainly from the design quarter, “It ended up being a big mix of art, jewellery, objects, just anything really!”

Kepreotis’ creative partner Patrick Chambers describes the markets as a, “mixtape of awesome,” offering not only a chance for last minute Christmas shopping, but also a opportunity to see designs that stray from the conventional. With Kit Palaskas’ craft bike wheeling in you can even convert your inspiration on the spot at her daily decoration workshops.

“Some people may not even know [the companies, artists and designers] exist but we think they are great! That’s what it’s all about, giving the public a profile of artists that probably aren’t as well known …”

This is one merry ‘mixtape’ you will not want to miss!

Dec 17-24, 11am-7pm, He Made She Made Gallery, 70 Oxford St, Darlinghurst,