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Cinemaniacs take note! This week is your last chance to catch the filmic musings of some of Sydney’s most artistic movie buffs at the MCA’s Cinemania series. Put together by Diana Smith from artist collective Brown Council, the series of talks has been staged over three, ahem, blockbuster weeks, inviting a series of speakers to explore our ever-growing screen culture and their personal obsessions within it.

You may have missed Todd McMillan on Woody Allen; Angus Truskett on Nicholas Cage as Hollywood Shaman (!!!); Dara Gill on censored cinema in Australia; and Zoe Coombs Marr on Calamity Jane (and other musicals as, “the ultimate camp in-joke”), but despair not. Hope is not lost!

The final instalment of this silver screen trilogy hits the stage this Thursday, December 20. Featuring arts administrator, curator and founder of the much-loved Alaska Projects Sebastian Goldspink, and artist, writer and host of the also-much-loved All the Best on FBi Radio, Kate Jinx, the last round up features a double-tribute to the often less-than-lovely ladies of your lounge room.

First up is Goldspink lecturing on his lifelong passion for brunette femme fatales, which all started, he reveals, with the aptly named and villainous-for-villainy’s-sake Natasha Fatale, Boris Badenov’s off-sider in Rocky and Bullwinkle. Rounding out the night is Jinx, with a confessional treatise on every-self-respecting-angry-teenage-girl-of-the-1990s’ go-to sleepover movie hero– the teen witch. From The Craft to Sabrina, Buffy to Teen Witch, no hex will be left uncast.

Dec 20, 7pm, MCA, 140 George St, Circular Quay, $6-8,