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Big Village, Sydney’s artist-run hip-hop collective, has had a huge 12 months; they’ve dropped three impressive records – Tuka’s Feedback Loop; Big Things Vol. 2; Daily Meds’ Happy Daze – and packed out venues across the country.

To celebrate their successful year, Big Village is throwing a Christmas shindig at Goodgod.

As one of the youngest members, Tenth Dan spent most of high school in a metal band and mingling with future co-founders of Big Village.

“I worked with Jeswon (Thundamentals) at a fruit shop when I was about 14, and I just thought his vocabulary was hilarious.”

Now 23, the wordsmith has been touring with the crew and featured on Tuka’s Feedback Loop as well as the label’s compilation album, Big Things 2. He’s now working on his own material with producer, Grub, due out next year.

Describing the average BV member as, “really nice, dishevelled… and with aneurisms,” he says the audience can expect an honest performance at Goodgod which, “you can get crunk to for shizzy.”

Catch Tenth Dan & Grub, Daily Meds, Loose Change and more on December 22.

Dec 22, Goodgod Small Club, 55 Liverpool St, Chinatown, $18+BF, 

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