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Activists, adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers come together in the Adventure Film Festival, a collection of shorts that will inspire, motivate and even terrify.

The sporting shorts are breathtaking, such as Sportlife: Water, introducing us to one of the world’s free-diving champions, who holds his breath up to seven mins 47 seconds, diving to depths of over 100 metres. Or Unicorn Sashimi, a mesmerising short capturing skiers making the epic mountain descent through Hokkaido’s deepest powder snow.

But it’s not just a showcase of extreme sports. In Honor the Treaties, a photojournalist captures the stories of the Lakota Sioux Indians of South Dakota and, with the help of counter-culture creatives, raises awareness of their plight.

Baseball in a Time of Cholera tells the shocking story of the spread of cholera through earthquake-damaged Haiti, by those who were meant to provide aid and security to the region.

The inspirational story of Shannon Galpin tells of her desire to connect with the oppressed and vulnerable in conflict zones around the world, and how she finds inspiration in her daughter.

The quality of the cinematography is excellent across the board, although one gripe is the uniformity of style gives the impression one is watching an anthology of trailers.

Check it out if you want your pulse raised or you’re in need of motivation to do something big!

Nov 9-10, Chauvel Theatre, Oxford St (cnr Oatley Rd), Paddington, prices vary, 9361 5398,

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