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Since humans first crawled out of the sea and learned to look to the sky, we have been looking to the stars. The heavens have provided inspiration, navigation and guidance, driving our ever growing quest to discover our universe. Thanks to the Sydney Observatory, and a talented group of astrophotographers, the average punter can now get a little closer to the stars than before. The David Marlin Awards for the best sky photos of 2012 is now on display, showcasing the winning entries from around Australia. There are seven categories featured this year: deep sky; wide-field; solar system: high-res (field of view less than one moon-width); solar system: wide-field (field of view greater than one moon-width); animated sequences; and junior. There are some spectacular shots, inspiring the kind of awe and wonder you would expect from the stars. From beautiful city and desert landscapes lit up by the moon or stars, to amazing views into galaxies far, far away, the exhibition is an exciting glimpse into our universe. A visit to the Observatory itself is always well worth the trip also – nestled above the city, affording lush harbour views, and filled with fascinating relics and curios of our quest to look further into the sky, The David Marlin Awards were a great way to pass an afternoon.

Until Oct 26, Sydney Observatory, Watson Road, Observatory Hill, The Rocks, free, 9921 3485,