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Jazz finds another home in Sydney

Music lovers have a new venue to catch up and coming talent, with the launch of another open-mic space in Sydney. Revelry at the Raval, launched on July 12, is on top of Schwartz Brewery on the corner of Wentworth Ave and Goulburn St. Sydneysiders can enjoy the music every
second Thursday from 7pm to 11pm.

Co-host Whitney Fitzsimmons said: “There is a real sense of community at these events. You get to meet people from all walks of life and form friendships that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to.”

The open-mic space is complete with a grand piano, as well as Bell Epoch furniture from Baz Luhrmman’s Moulin Rouge. The venue will specialise in jazz, cabaret and latin genres.

Upcoming musicians can join the house band on stage with a song and instrument of their choice. Revelry at the Raval also boasts a cocktail bar, with audiences able to sit and eat dinner while watching the musicians.

Ms Fitzsimmons said: “Everyone is brought together because they love music – the music is the glue.”

While unknown talent has been showcased at open-mic nights for years,
Ms Fitzsimmons believes television shows such as The Voice and Australia’s Got Talent have fostered young musicians.

Ms Fitzsimmons said: “We have performers starting out, through to our
wonderful 84-year-old singer and horn player, Valda Marshall. The Revlery at Raval provides a warm welcome and strong support for all performers.

“It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience or not, everyone is here for the music and to enjoy themselves by creating music together.”

Revelry’s House band features drummer Pierre Della Putta, bassist Ed
Rapo and guitarist Otto Mar. Legendary pianist Hesham Galal will accompany performers.

Australian Institute of Music student Peter Hayman, who plays guitar and piano, is excited at the opportunity of more open mic nights in Sydney. Mr Hayman said: “It’s so important for musicians who are trying to make a name for themselves, to know that there are more ways of doing that.

“It’s really encouraging to play music on a real stage in front of a real audience, because that’s the best way for anyone to start out.”

Revelry Co-host Mark Gordon, said: “Many strong friendships, musical
collaborations, and yes, even romances, have developed between our open mic participants. If you’re looking for your tribe, this could be it.”

The next Revelry at the Reval event is next Thursday evening at the Schwartz Brewary Hotel.