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Fight to save Pyrmont’s heritage

A heritage listed building on Pyrmont St is currently the subject of a feud between developers and the local community. One of few heritage listed buildings left in Pyrmont, 95 Pyrmont St is almost entirely demolished.

President of Pyrmont Community Group, Jean Stuart said it is vital to
our history and culture these buildings remain protected. She said: “Heritage buildings remind us of our past and help to put things
into perspective. It is part of our culture, and unfortunately there are not too many left.”

President of Pyrmont Cares Incorporated, Peter Devoy said Pyrmont’s heritage must be retained for future generations. “We need to protect our history at all costs,” he said.

“Heritage listed dwellings that have been demolished should be restored
back to their original condition at the owner’s expense.”

Under Council guidelines, a heritage listed building must be maintained
and certain laws protect it from being developed or demolished.

A City of Sydney spokesperson said: “The City of Sydney investigates all complaints about unauthorised work on heritage listed properties. These investigations typically involve an urgent 95 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont
site inspection and a review of all files relevant to the property.

“Property owners carrying out unauthorised work are firstly reminded
of their responsibility to protect heritage listed properties. There are a range of further enforcement options, including an order under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act that stops the non-approved works.

“Penalties apply to people who conduct unauthorised work on a heritage listed building.

“Penalties for carrying out non- approved works via the Environmental
Planning and Assessment Act include fines of up to $1.1 million,” the
spokesperson said.

City of Sydney Council ensure applications for development are closely
analysed with consideration of how they may affect the community. A court order has been issued to prevent builders from demolishing
the remaining sandstone wall of 95 Pyrmont St.

Building will still go ahead for the construction of a two-storey ‘in-fill’ building between 18 Union St and 95 Pyrmont St.

By Vanessa Bartlett