Eat & Drink

Churrasco Coogee

I know Bridesmaids gave all-you-can-eat Brazilian a bad name, but Sydneysiders have clearly moved on, because this joint was pumping on a cold Friday night. The bright murals and good-looking Brazilian staff are both eye-catching in their own right; and at $44 for unlimited meat, you can’t beat the price. We start with a jug of Red Wine Sangria ($30) as our salads, rice and chimichurri arrive. You might overlook them at first, but they really do break-up the impending meat fatigue. Stock up on the Parmesan and rocket salad. It’s the perfect accompaniment to just about everything, from Brazilian sirloin to honey soy chicken wings. It wouldn’t be an authentic experience without trying the chicken hearts; the chewy little parcels had my dining partner summoning the waiter’s sword stack back. Worth noting are the red and green coasters that signify your hunger. Red means I feel like I’m in a Monty Python sketch. Green means the same, but keep it coming. Although the waiters don’t seem to take no for an answer, tempting us even when we’re flashing red! Probably a good thing as we would have missed the gorgeous fried banana. We left full, but satisfied. Take that Kristen Wiig!

Churrasco Coogee
240 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee
Ph: (02) 9665 6535
Brazilian $$