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A young Nubian princess falls in love with an Egyptian soldier – a seemingly simple act that is soon followed by a powerful and engaging struggle of love-against-the-odds. With music and lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice, Aida is the story of forbidden love that flourishes in a time of war and tyranny.

I spoke to Melody Beck, a key figure in NUTS (NSW University Theatrical Society) and cast member of AIDA: “Conceptually, this show embodies the ideas of self-sacrifice for family and community. It’s about how love has no boundaries of time or space!”

A sizable cast, twelve-week rehearsal process and community spirit have all contributed to what is sure to be a colourful and captivating show and add to the long list of critically acclaimed NUTS productions: “We hope that everyone enjoys the show as it has something for everyone – love, loss, laughter, music, the whole she-bang!”

A must-see for all fans of theatre, performance, and the unique rock-musical stylings that is the Elton John and Tim Rice duo!

Until Sep 1, Parade Playhouse NIDA, 215 Anzac Pde, Kensington, $20-25, 0421641377,

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