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It seems Avril Chestnut and Stephanie Ward, the two young actor/directors who comprise Sydney’s newest theatre company Owl & Crane, are not easily discouraged. “While there are a plethora of high quality independent theatre companies in Sydney, it is very difficult to become part of these groups,” they tell me. “We decided that if we wanted to be part of theatrical processes that interested us we should create our own company.” Thus began the search for a script, something that could provide the budding thespians with the opportunity to really drive a show from the ground up. “When we eventually came across New Morning, which had two dynamic female characters, we decided it was time to look for a director and develop the company from there.” Written by Irish playwright Declan Hughes, it follows a night of camping embarked on by two sisters. “When we first read the script we were both really drawn to the fact that Declan Hughes draws the audience into what seems like family dramedy between two sisters on a camping trip to relive old memories and feuds, and then as soon as you feel comfortable with where you think the story is headed, he turns everything upside down with the introduction of a third character. This third character brings with him a new poetic style of dialogue and completely changes the tone to something quite sinister, unnerving and surreal. From this point all bets are off as to what is going to happen to the two sisters.”

Jul 18-21, King Street Theatre, Corner of King St and Bray St, Newtown, $30-40,