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Sydney never tyres of cycling

An independent survey commissioned by the City of Sydney has revealed cycling activity has increased by over eighty per cent in the last two years.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said: “The old saying – ‘if you build it, they will come’ is true.

Sydneysiders are desperate for practical transport options and bike riding makes sense for many people.”

Independent company, Sky High Traffic, conducts biannual cycle counts during the peak-hour periods of 6am-9am and 4pm-7pm.

The studies are taken at 100 different locations across the city.

“The NSW Government now needs to support this enormous growth by working with the City and other councils to expand the network which will encourage even more people to take up riding.”

“Our work to make bike riding safer and more practical is paying off,” Ms Moore said.

The City is in the process of building a 200-kilometre bike network, made up of different bike paths including 55 kilometres of separated cycleway.

“I hope this new data is compelling enough for the Premier to look beyond the headlines and to start investing,” she said.

While Cycling in Sydney continues to surge, so does the controversy between Sydney’s Cyclists and Drivers.

NRMA Insurance research shows 30 per cent of Sydney drivers have had a near miss with a cyclist.

NRMA Spokesperson Andrew Tubb, said: “Research has shown us that a cyclist can be lost in a driver’s frontal blind spot from as close as nine metres, demonstrating how critical it is for both cyclists and drivers to be aware of what’s happening around them.”

“We want to encourage Sydney drivers and cyclists to work together to stay safe on the road,” Mr Tubb said.

Increases in cycling have occurred in areas of Sydney including Pyrmont Bridge, Kent St, Taylor Square and The Sydney Harbour Bridge cycle ramp.