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Support for migrants

An open forum at the state parliament tonight will address the challenges of migrant families as they settle into Australian life.

‘Growing the Family Tree’ is a joint partnership with the City of Sydney, Relationships Australia and Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW, addressing common problems in multicultural communities.

Academics, experts, writers and people with experience in this issue, will discuss solutions for intergenerational conflict.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said: “Children grow up in a different culture to their parents, which can create a lot of tension within the family.”

“Children may aspire to less traditional careers and have different values and ways at looking at the world.

“The parents struggle with this and also grapple with how to pass on their culture and language, Cr Moore said.

Mark Franklin, Executive Officer of the Ethnic Communities’ Council NSW said: Connecting generations in multicultural families through this forum will ensure that each generation can continue to experience their familial, cultural and community supports while at the same time experiencing different journeys within our multicultural NSW.”

The forum will take place on Thursday May 3 at 5pm at Parliament House Theatrette, NSW Parliament House.