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Shuttle buses to mobilise residents

Leichhardt Council will operate a shuttle bus service to counteract poor public transport in certain areas of the LGA.

Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous told City Hub that the bus was needed to provide the community with adequate transport.

“There is always the issue when providing public transport, there is the issue of cost shifting between the local and state government,” Clr Porteous said.

“Local government is way more responsive to the needs of the community than the state government because we are talking to them and we know what they want and need,” she said.

The bus will operate on Mondays and Thursdays during the day, and offer an after school service which will transport local school students to after school activities.

Clr Porteous said the bus will also stimulate the local economy.

“We already have a community bus service to help people get around if they have a disability.

“Now this bus is also to get to parts of the local government area that are not necessarily serviced well, and to encourage people to get down to the shopping centre, and to be able to move around the municipality and visit the local shops and cafes,” she said.

“But the bus is for everybody, and everyone should be using it and seeing it as a good facility in the area.”

She said the trial, which began on August 24, would figure out where there is a need to potentially roll out more services.

“We’re providing the bus as well for after school service, to help out local schools and parents.”

The bus has 52 stops all in the local area including Balmain, Leichhardt and Annandale.

Residents can check available routes and stops on the Leichhardt Council website.

The bus is also currently available for hire on days other than Monday and Thursday.

The trial will run for 12 months.

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