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Never Not Funny will be a unique experience for Sydney punters,” says producer Michael Brown of Campfire Collective, the team who have brought arts and alternative comedy to Harvest Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, and Late Night Library at Surry Hills. “We are creating a monthly spot on the calendar where you can get a serve of comedy unlike anything you’d expect from a comedy club anywhere else in this city. Whether you love comedy, hate comedy, or have never seen anything funny in your life, this is for you. Especially if you’re a hipster.”


The night kicks off on April 11 with a huge line-up of comics including veterans Dave Jory (Triple J), Applespiel (Festival of Dangerous Ideas), Ben Ellwood (Triple J), and Cameron Knight (The Comedy Channel), as well as greener comics like cotton-farmer turned improvisational comic Nick Capper, The Delusionists’ Ben Jenkins, and a selection of the weirdest, dirtiest, and (hopefully) funniest NSW finalists of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Raw Comedy competition. You’d have to be pretty tickled with that line up.


“Sydney has come pretty late to alternative comedy on the live scene,” says Brown. “There are some amazing monthly gigs out there, like Phukclub, Ha Ha, Look at Me, and Club Cab Sav but this is in a city of over 4 million people, so there is definitely room for more options for punters wanting something different. People lap up alternative comedy on TV and online, but don’t realise that there is a living breathing alternative comedy scene available in their own backyard. And it’s more fun live.”


Opening April 11, 7pm, The Standard, Level 3, 383 Bourke St, Darlinghurst, or 1300 GET TIX