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New Shanghai *UPDATED*

Growing up, the one thing my family could agree on was a meal at our local Chinese. These days, regional Chinese cuisines have usurped that once-ubiquitous Cantonese, but it’s still possible to find the right combination of quality and please-everybody at a very reasonable price. My return visit here, one year on, finds it jam-packed, even in inclement weather. I’m raring to try the new specials, like Salt and Pepper School Prawns ($9.80). Spot on cooking makes them the easiest whole prawns you’ll ever swallow – and they’re even better with a TsingTao Premium Beer ($7.50). If you conquer those babies, munch right through the heads (they taste of the sea) of the Crispy Skin King Prawns with Shanghai Style Sweet Sauce ($22.80). If you’re battling a cold, dangle your sinuses over a comforting bowl of Steamed Meatball with Crab Meat and Chinese Chestnuts ($6.80). The simple broth is a wonderful balm for the senses, and the Chinese cabbage will do you good as well. Throw in some Stir-Fried String Beans with Chinese Pickle ($12.80) while you’re vitamin loading. For flavour, round out your selection with Stir Fried Clams with XO Sauce ($14.80) – totally compelling but watch for shell fragments.

New Shanghai
Shop B-038, Chatswood Chase, Chatswood
Ph: (02) 9412 3358
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