Eat & Drink

Kobe Jones

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this stylish King Street Wharf stalwart is just for those with fat corporate credit cards, tax deducting their way through leisurely lunches on Las Vegas style Japanese/American fusion cuisine. I certainly did – before heading in to try their scathingly good lunch offers running Mondays to Wednesdays. Girls, get your kidlets into day-care and head in for an All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Platter ($29.50/head), before the weather warms and offers like this evaporate! Your platter won’t skimp on big-ticket items like soft shell crab rolls, and their signature cheesy oven-baked-scallop-covered crab salad and avocado Volcano Rolls. (Normally $39!) Best not bring a sashimi-loving carb-phobic girlfriend. Cocktails are a given – the Japanese Mojito ($17.50) updated with shiso (‘Japanese mint’) and the umeshu plum flavoured MV2 ($17) both drink well. If you must dine in mixed company, guys will love the equally well-priced (and quickly delivered) Mixed Plate Lunch Menu ($32.50). Hot Lunch 2 features baby back ribs so tender the flesh was coaxed off the bone using chopsticks; a delicately smoked piece of salmon; and a pot of exotic mushrooms so tempting I almost swapped platters! Heed my call to action: this offer is too good to stay just for suits!

Kobe Jones
29 Lime St, King Street Wharf, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9299 5290
Japanese/American Fusion $$$$