Eat & Drink

Jasmin 1

Time was when you wanted good, authentic Lebanese food you had to schlep on out to places like the (similarly named) Jasmins in Lakemba, and feel somewhat intimidated by the ice deals going down on the street mere meters away. So thank goodness the good folk at Jasmin 1 have spared us lily-livered inner city types from the fear and self-loathing that usually accompanies such journeys, by bringing their well-priced Middle Eastern soul food to the inner west. They’ve eschewed the highly decorated ceiling in favour of extremely bright white lighting emanating from more than just the chandeliers. Not my preferred atmosphere, but who can complain when a two-person Mashawi Plate ($21/regular) featuring shish kebab lamb, tasty chook and plentiful kafta; accompanied by Hummus with Meat ($12) and a totally compelling Fatteh Plate ($7) with chickpeas, pine nuts and yoghurt, feeds two for under fifty bucks, with enough left for someone’s lunch? Did I mention that price includes a never-ending bag of Lebanese bread, an abundant plate of fresh mint, olives and piquant pickles, two non-alcoholic (sorry it’s a hard and fast rule) beverages and a slice of take-home baklava? Budget conscious inner-westies have already swallowed their culture shock and descended with family in tow. How about you?

Jasmin 1
118-120 Marion Street, Leichhardt
Ph: (02) 8084 2692
Lebanese $-$$