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Mark Seymour has nothing to prove. He has paid his dues, and the dues of many that have followed in his footsteps. No one who has ever seem Hunters & Collectors live could ever doubt his passion, passion for experience, passion for the Australia experience and passion for music. He has sat atop the Australian music mountain and seen the view. These days Seymour cares less what others might think, he has a job, he writes songs, he plays songs, people listen to his songs. It doesn’t matter how many people, for this is who Mark Seymour is. The Undertow is classic Mark Seymour. Predominately mid-tempo tempo acoustic rockers, with riffs that must be a joy to play, and chorus’ that, while they may not equal Holy Grail, given a chance will be sung along to on many a road trip. For the open road, the local pub, and the odd beach-side, are Seymour’s natural musical habitat. El Dorado shows he has not given up his rock roots entirely, with classic Stone’s like riffs and a big chorus; while Sometimes I Wonder If I Know Too Much About You is a great pop tune in the Crowded House vein (a brotherly nod perhaps). Mark admits the older he gets, the less he knows; but the better he writes.

*** 1/2