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Green Run for a Great Cause

Even before last weekend’s City to Surf completely sold out, it was obvious to many that running has become Sydney’s latest go-to endorphin source.

On August 21, charity, environment, and serious running converge in Bilpin, apple-growing country in the big warm heart of the Blue Mountains. Starting early, runners will be bussed out to Mt. Wilson. From there, they’ll run 35km of walking track, road, and mountainous fire trails.

Known to trailrunners as ‘Willy to Billy’, MT. Wilson to doubles as both a fundraiser and training exercise for local Rural Fire Services as they ready themselves for what will once again be a busy summer fire season. Increasingly popular, both for the event’s reputation and as more and more Sydneysiders look to run somewhere other than Centennial Park and ‘The Bay’, last year saw a record 300 runners in attendance, with organisers expecting an even bigger showing this year.

Entry fees start at $70. Runners are guaranteed a uniquely great morning running through scenic forest, excellent on-course support and fluids, and legs that will feel a lot better on Friday than they do on Sunday.

Visit to learn more or to enter.