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The Carnival is Over

Sydney will lose one of its most colourful subcultures movements this Friday night as the Carnival of Electric Illusions, a Sydney underground art and party institution, blasts out its final beats.

The Electric Illusions crowd has already experienced some chaos over the weekend, with police issuing a Noise Abatement Notice to the venue it was originally to be held in – the St Petersburg Warehouse, St Peters. To the relief of hundreds of Carnival goers the Carnival was saved by Kings Cross’ Iguana Bar, which readily offered itself as a plan B.

The Carnival began in 2008 when Sydney artists Alex Moon-Age, Anto-Christ Superstar, and Casio Ono hit upon the idea of hosting their own party after growing disgruntled with the Sydney party scene.

“We were sick of complaining about the regular club life in Sydney,” says Anto-Christ Superstar.

“We wanted the club to feel like you just walked into a movie and you were one of the characters.”

“We decided to create a place where you could go and see something you wouldn’t see in everyday life.”

Since its debut two years ago, the Carnival has gained notoriety for hosting some of Sydney’s most outlandish acts and events. Its activities include turning the Abercormbie Hotel’s smoking area into a makeshift replica of Andy Warhols ‘Factory’ and DJ Mat Glowman vomiting fake blood over his audience mid-set whilst restrained by a straight jacket.

As the party has grown, so has its following. A subculture known as the ‘Colour Kids’ parade a mash-up style of drag, goth, punk, and rock, with uncontrollable splatters of colour. With Carnival goers competing each month to be the most uniquely dressed, the parties have become a hub for emerging Sydney fashion.

Unfortunately for the Colour-Kids the Carnival’s founders are setting off overseas, closing the doors of the Carnival and putting the future of the subculture in doubt.

But Anto is optimistic that its absence could lead the scene into new and better things, with former party goers innovating different means of expression. She hopes that the Carnival has inspired people to “go wild, and push the limits” and has also floated the possibility of taking the carnival with her on her overseas adventures.

The party is set to go off at 9pm, and is guaranteed to be a night of avant-garde, trash-bag, boho, glam-punk mayhem. Dress code: crazy, colourful.

The final Carnival of Electric Illusions will be held at Iguana Bar, 15 Kellet St, Kings Cross on Friday June 4, 9pm – 3am.

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