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“Do we all wait for redemption? Do we have to earn it or make a decision to be redeemed within our lives? Does redemption just come with dying?” These are the questions being tackled in the Old Fitz’s latest production Redemption, directed by Fiona Pulford. The play tells the story of the last surviving family in a plague-ravaged world, trapped inside with a mysterious stranger who arrives as a storm breaks. “I think we all wonder what we would do if ‘armageddon’ came, especially since the world seems to be changing and evolving in a very rapid, disturbing way at the moment,” says Pulford. Redemption portrays a surreal world, where dreams and reality blend, and the visions of the family’s blind daughter begin to pervade the real. The play has many, “Exciting technical challenges,” enthuses Pulford. “I say exciting because on a very small budget you have to be very creative – to imagine the world of a show like this.” Delving deep into issues of good and evil, Redemption promises, “A dark and fascinating journey, both sexy and violent.”

May 14-Jun 12, The Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo, $22-36 (Beer, Laksa and Show), 1300 438 849

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