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Slide into a world of paranoia, where reality and the imagined quickly merge, where bugs are overrunning your existence. This is the world of US Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Tracy Letts, and it has made its way to our sunny shores through the directorial vision of Anthony Skuse. Set in a seedy motel at the edge of the Californian desert, a chance meeting between two disturbed strangers starts a journey which features drugs, violence, alcohol and the CIA. An unexpected bug infestation is just the beginning of their trippy, unhinged partnership.“It’s kind of about creating your own reality,” says Bug actress Jeanette Cronin, “If you think life is one thing, eventually that’s what it will be.” For Cronin, the play is also very much about grief, “When you can’t turn that grief into something you can live with it defines your life and leaves you very vulnerable to manipulation and to creating that reality for yourself.” Featuring an exciting cast including; Cronin, Matthew Walker, Jonny Pasvolsky, Catherine Terracini and Laurence Coy; this dark, comic thriller will bend your mind in many ways.

May 12–Jun 5, SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Kings Cross, Sydney, $23-30, 8002 4772,