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Inspiration can come from strange places. Just ask performance artist Rosie Dennis, whose new work Downtown opens at Performance Space next Monday.  “In 2007 I was invited to the party of a two-year old” she says, “I think I was the only childless person at the party.” Dennis made small talk with the other adults, “And our conversation soon segued to a much heavier subject – that of post-natal depression”. A parent told Dennis how living in the thriving community of King Street in Newtown, “Saved her from her own dark thoughts during the eight months of being a new mother.” This inspired Dennis to consider, “What it means to belong and feel part of a community.” The result is Downtown, an unfinished show that will take its shape over the five days it’s performed. “The actual shaping of the work will be put together in the foyer of CarriageWorks over a week,” she explains. “Each night I will show where the work is at and the work will become a little longer each day … Usually I make a show on my own in a studio so this is a big shift and somewhat raises the stakes.”

Mar 1-5, 6pm daily, 15 minutes on Mon builds to 27 minutes by Fri, Performance Space, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, free except Fri ($15),