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Trolleys and junkies and zombies, oh my! Trolley Boys is the latest piece from the Tamarama Rock Surfers, nestled in their cosy alcove at the Old Fitzroy Theatre. Michael Dahlstrom directs the young cast as they romp their way through a thinly veiled reimagining of the Wizard of Oz story, tracing the journey of four trolley collectors who dare to enter a mysterious suburban swamp in search of the infamous trolley graveyard. The plot leaves much to be desired, but the likeable cast do well with what they’ve got, providing easy laughs and a lot of energy. The fact that one of the leads is the spitting image of a young John Cusack (think Better Off Dead) doesn’t hurt either. Trolley Boys could perhaps most aptly be labelled ‘stoner theatre’. If that concept doesn’t offend your sense of culture, you’ll probably have a chuckle or two.

Until Feb 6, Old Fitz, cnr Cathedral & Dowling St Woolloomooloo, $21-35 (Beer, laksa & show) 1300 438 849 or

Trolley Boys 6

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