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Film and two-wheeled transport first had an auspicious collision in the famed 1948 B&W heist film, The Bicycle Thief. Like film, bicycles needed spokes, some kind of run and healthy creativity to navigate the streets and hearts of modern urban dwellers. But rarely now do the two cohabit in our minds. Until eight years ago, when founder of the Bicycle Film Festival, Brendt Barbur, was hit by a bus while bikeriding in New York.  A stars in his eyes moment? Yes, and now the festival hits Sydney face-on between Nov 11-15, with movies, music, art and activities all spinning round the central axis of bicycles. Movies include: Made in Queens (maxxed out stereos tacked onto BMX bikes by Trinidadians), A Bicycle Trip (a LSD and road trip in one), One Less Horse (required if you’re playing bike polo!) and many more. Opening night features local talents Bridezilla, Deep Sea Arcade, Jonathan Boulet and Lions at Your Door and we’ve heard rumbles of a street party and on-the-spot racing track. Makes you breathless just thinking about it. We’re so glad bicycles and films were fated to meet again …

Nov 11-15, various venues, go to for more details