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It’s time to start hollowing your pumpkins and working on your cackle, because Halloween is almost upon us and as part of their 30th birthday celebrations, 2SER radio are throwing another party. The ghoulish gathering is going down at one of our ever-dwindling Sydney rock institutions, the Annandale Hotel and features terrifying tunes from Seekae, Richard in Your Mind, Megastick Fanfare, Le Kingste, Tokenview, We Say Bamboulee and Kids at Risk. Promising to be the most horrifying, chain-rattling, howling nights on offer, the Annandale throws its doors open to the spirit world until late into the evening, with a line-up that would have even the most hardened demons tapping their feet. Part of the ongoing festivities marking 2SER’s 30th year, this is one treat that won’t have you running for your toothbrush. 2SER is one of Australia’s oldest community radio stations, scaring off boredom with their otherworldly tunes on 107.3. So grab your ticket, don a costume and embrace the horror of Halloween in style.

Sat Oct 31, Annandale Hotel, 17 Parramatta Rd, $17-20,9550 1078,

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