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“Beethoven is everywhere”, says director Phil Grabsky. Following the success of his recent feature In Search of Mozart, Grabsky has turned his hand to Beethoven, tracing the biography of the man alongside his music. The film, which features some 55 performances by world-class musicians, follows Beethoven’s life from his birth in Bonne to his eventual death in Vienna, exploring the compositions by contextualising them within the events of his life. But this is not just a film for the “fifty-plussers,” says Grabsky. “If you’re interested in creativity, if you’re interested in music, then you’ll be interested in this film.” With astounding performances most of us would be unlikely to see outside the screen, and a lively retelling of a fascinating life, In Search of Beethoven may not be the action blockbuster of the year, but it is certainly an educational and musically rich two hours that gives a real insight into one of the greatest composers of all time.

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In Search of Beethoven 21

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