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“I don’t believe art and science exist in an antagonistic relationship,” says creator of The Curiosities Sue Healey. Her latest piece, which she both choreographed and performs, is a dance piece that draws its inspiration from the processes of biological development and evolution. “I hope the audience will take away a feeling of wonder about the possibility of an arm evolving into a wing or a fin or a magical chimera,” Healey enthuses. The performance sees a continuation of Healey’s collaboration with heart developmental biologist Richard Harvey and his team of scientific imagers. The creative and scientific worlds are not so far removed, says Healey, “While the two disciplines communicate in different dialects, if juxtaposed they can enhance our understanding of why and how we inhabit this world … As the scientist uses images to reveal information, so does the artist.” The Curiosities explores the anatomical and symbolic territories of the body, seeking to engage both the eye and the mind. Healey’s award-winning choreography, performed by some of Sydney’s finest dance artists and backed by cutting-edge visual collaborators, promises to, “Reveal the body as the fragile, dexterous, creative, ever-evolving entity that it is.”

Oct 29-31, Nov 4-7, Performance Space, 245 Wilson St Eveleigh, $20-30, 1300 723 038 or

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