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Council apologises for art removal

The City has apologised for the removal of the Guerrilla Gardens murals from the corner of Roslyn Street and Ward Avenue in Kings Cross, (City News 21 May) and is considering reinstating the art.

According to a City spokesperson, “Unfortunately the mural was removed after a complaint was received from a member of the public about offensive graffiti on the mural. Rather than remove the graffiti only, City graffiti removal contractors took down the mural. The City supports the work of the Guerrilla Gardeners, providing there are no safety issues and we apologise for this error. The City is now investigating what options there are for reinstating the mural on the site.”

The TV production team had disguised themselves as sailors and the project as a Navy operation during the one-day installation in May, which generated an impromptu street party among spectators. The episode has not yet been screened on Channel Ten.