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Winter of discontent

Eastern suburbs actor Anthony Weir is mastering the art of dying convincingly in Kate Gaul’s production of Richard 3 playing at Carriageworks until May 16.

Weir plays George Clarence, King Edward and the Duke of Buckingham – three characters who meet an untimely death at Richard’s hands.

“Clarence is a gorgeous character but he’s not on stage long,” Weir said. “The Duke of Buckingham is my favourite role because he has a long journey helping to put Richard on the throne and finding his place at Richard’s side. In the end, he doesn’t get what he was promised and is put to death so you get to play his rise and fall.”

One of Shakespeare’s darkest and most complicated plays, Richard 3 has a large cast of characters but in this production Thomas Campbell plays the malevolent Richard while five actors share the remaining roles. The play is also one of the bard’s longest, second only to Hamlet, but has been trimmed to two hours.

“People appreciate that all the actors are on stage all the time changing roles and that gives the production a driving pace,” Weir said.

Richard 3 is at Carriageworks, Bay 20 Wilson Street, Eveleigh. Book on 1300 723 038.

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