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Climate Inaction – the white choice

People – is there any point to climate change without them? So let’s just say it: death to brown people.

Ironic that Penny Wong should be Minister for Climate Change when it is set to be the most racist unnatural disaster since the Vietnam War.

But that’s just a coincidence – a coincidence that Asian, Indian, African and South American nations will be the first to reap the repercussions of Western industrial wealth.

Because the disappearance of crop lands and drinking water in Indochina, the flooding of Bangladesh, the disappearance of Amazonia and the imminent 100-year drought in Africa will heavily destabilise and kill poor people – people unable to move or pay for rescue.

It’s only a quirk of fate that most of the first billion victims, being poor, won’t be the same colour as the majority of the peoples that have caused their fate.

But Australians will be among the privileged first white nations to go bravely into that void. Arm in arm with our brothers and sisters in developing nations, we are already reaping the consequences of unrestrained environmental sodomy.

And Miranda Devine continues to point out that Australia is only responsible for 1.4 per cent of global carbon pollution so there is no point in our taking any meaningful action on climate.

Of course, we are only 0.3 per cent of the world population.

Surely we won’t be missed.

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