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Last chance to save SBS

SBS-lovers have until December 12 to influence the future shape of SBS TV. That’s the closing date for public submissions to a public enquiry being held by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.
The Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy, is facing a barrage of letters, petitions and submissions being stirred up by the volunteer group, Save Our SBS.
“We oppose the increasing commercialisation of the TV channel, in particular the screening of ads during programs ‘ changes made during John Howard’s term,” said the group’s spokesperson, Darce Cassidy.
“We think commercialisation has distorted the original role of SBS as a specialist multicultural broadcaster.
“We also need a better way to appoint the SBS Board to prevent the blatant political interference with public broadcasters we have seen in recent years.
“Board members should be appointed on merit and have a strong belief in multiculturalism,” he said.
The group’s website makes it easy to contribute to the enquiry.